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Opening Arguments

The bandwagon finally got here

Whatever happened to Midwestern common sense?

Climate change is not just about whether polar bears have enough ice to live on. If it were, Kokomo wouldn’t have a direct interest in the topic.

But the issue matters to Kokomo — and to communities of all sizes across Indiana and the country.

Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight will attend Thursday’s roundtable discussion in Carmel that is part of the fact-finding of President Barack Obama’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard, a Republican, was asked to join the task force and has organized today’s discussion. The task force is to develop a draft report in six months and hand in a final report of recommendations or conclusions in a year.

Brainard said he has asked local government representatives, energy and environmental experts, business representatives and academics to participate in Thursday’s session. The roundtable discussion is not open to the public or the media, but Brainard and White House participants plan a news conference after the meeting, which will focus on input from those invited.

Actually, this is pretty typical for Indiana. We're so conservative that we ititially resist all these faddish new crusades. But eventually, we fear being mocked as backward so we jump in about the time everybody else jumps out. Now that the whole global warming scare is on the verge of being totally discredited, it's the natural time for Hoosiers to start paying attention to it.

Er, make that "climate change." The evidence was mounting so fast that even the warmist evangelists started being embarrassed by the phrase.

I look forward to the arrival of the mini-skirt in Indiana, any day now.