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Opening Arguments

Miserable youth

Of all the people who might not have gotten what they expected in Barack Obama, I suspect the highest levels of disappointment might be here:

A Youth Misery Index that measures young Americans’ woes has skyrocketed under President Barack Obama and hit an all-time high.

The index, released Wednesday, was calculated by adding youth unemployment and average college loan debt figures with each person’s share of the national debt. While it has steadily grown over the decades, under Obama the figure has shot up dramatically, from 83.5 in 2009 to 98.6 in 2013.

The index has increased by 18.1 percent since Obama took office, the highest increase under any president, making Obama the worst president for youth economic opportunity, according to the nonprofit that released the figure.

I'm not quite sure, though, how sorry to feel for those whose expectations were too high to begin with. I can say that because I still remember being young -- unrealistic expectations are sort of expected before you hit 21. And, hell, they;ll grow up and get over it.

And it's still more fun to be young than to be old. Trust me.

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