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Opening Arguments

The cookie crumbles

Oh, dear. Girl Scout Cookies turn out to be not so good for us:

Those cute little girls selling cookies around your neighbor are delivering junk-food snacks that are astonishingly unhealthy. ( Just four Samoas have 50% of your recommended saturated fat intake for the day... )

[. . .]

An entire half cup of ice cream -- even the "Girl Scout Cookies Samoas" flavor from Breyers -- contains less fat and less sugar than four actual Samoa cookies! It's even got less sodium and fewer carbohydrates -- so the message is clear. If you want to fight childhood obesity, feed your children Girl Scout Cookie ice cream instead of actual Girl Scout cookies!

Well, I'm diving in again this year anyway. It's not like I eat the things year-round. But when I taste my first Samoa of the year, followed by my first Thin Mint (the only way to eat them), I seriously consider it. That's what a freezer is for.

Childhood obesity. Epidemic. Crisis. Blame the Girl Scouts.