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Opening Arguments

The more the merrier

I hope this means both stations will have vigorous news organizations:

As had been rumored for several months, a deal has been made to sell Fort Wayne stations WPTA-TV and WISE-TV.

ABC affiliate WPTA and its companion CW Network station are being acquired by Quincy, Ill.-based Quincy Newspapers Inc. from Malara Broadcasting Corp. WISE, the NBC affiliate, and its MyTV station are being sold to SagamoreHill Broadcasting.

Tuesday's announcement did not address any changes in employment that might be prompted by the sales.

The two stations still have a combined news operation, but they've been moving away from using the NewsCenter brand for both, probably in anticipation of the split. If 33 brings back a full news operation, that would give us four since Fox now has news, too. the more the merrier -- competition will make the news operations better and keep those who are interested better informed.

I've always had a soft spot for 33 (which I do try to call WISE but is still WKJG in my heart). They were always last in the ratings, but their dry, no-nonsense approach to news appealed to me.

Two newspapers, four TV news operations, WOWO on the radio. Pretty lucky city for our size.

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