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Opening Arguments

Gimme that quarter, kid

Guess things are even tougher than we thought:

Between 30% and 50% of parents steal money from their kids piggy bank or savings account, surveys show. Is this anyway to set an example?

Have you ever taken money from your kids’ piggy bank or savings account? Lots of parents have, and many do it without guilt. Yet this practice may breed mistrust, rob your children of valuable practice managing their own money, and imply approval of what most would describe as bad behavior.

Nearly one in three parents admit to “borrowing” from their kids’ piggy bank, according to the latest T. Rowe Price Parents, Kids and Money survey. A different survey last year from money website CouponCodes4u found that half of parents occasionally raid their kids bank account, and that half of those who do feel no guilt. Half also said they never paid back the “loan.”

Yeah, well, about that lack of guilt. Why should parents feel bad about doing something that our whole culture heartily endorses? I hate to break it to you kids, but since Social Security and Medicare don't really have any money, it all comes from current taxpayers, so you will be paying for my old age -- thanks, 'preciate it. And if we're really gonna talk about stealing the children's money, let's talk about the deficit and growing federal debt. Yep -- that's your bill, too.

The present stealing from the future. Yep, that's us, to the core.