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Opening Arguments

Want fries with that mental anguish?

This may be the silly lawsuit to end all silly lawsuits:

McDonald's has been hit with a supersized lawsuit.

Unhappy eater Webster Lucas reportedly wants $1.5 million from the fast-food company after he claimed the staff only gave him one napkin.

Lucas says he ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe at the Pacoima, Calif., eatery on Jan. 29.


But on opening up his paper bag, he found just one paper tissue. He alleges that when he returned to the counter to ask for more, managers refused.

Lucas alleges the debate took a racist turn when the Mexican-American boss mumbled something about "you people" — which Lucas took to be a reference to him being black.

An offer to receive free burgers as an apology was an insult, he added.

He now wants a fat payoff from the chain, reports TMZ.

It's because the incident, Lucas claims, caused him "undue mental anguish."

One napkin plus "you people" equals $1.5 million? If you've followed silly lawsuits lately, don't bet against this guy. "Undue mental anguish," wow. Does that mean there is such a thing as "acceptable mental anguish"?


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