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Opening Arguments

Fair question

Happy tax day!Check out this Gallup Poll story from yesterday:

As many Americans scramble to prepare their taxes ahead of the April 15 deadline, a majority, 52%, say the amount they have to pay in federal income tax is "too high," while 42% say it is "about right." The percentage who say their taxes are too high has hovered around 50% since 2003, although the current 52% is up from 46% two years ago.

The story also notes that 54 percent say their taxes are fair. I'm not sure how that squares with the numbers above. Do 10 percent of the people who think their taxes are too high think that's fair?

One number I do believe, though:

Few Americans have ever described their taxes as being "too low," with at most 4% saying this in the nearly 60 years Gallup has asked the question.