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Opening Arguments

Forward, evolve!

Group think is alive and well:

. . . opposition to same-sex marriage became bigotry, for purposes of the American political culture, in the year 2013. At that point, all the politicos who'd crafted some other position in order to get through a difficult transition got the message that now was the time to say yes to gay marriage, and this was the big opportunity for every politician who had secretly supported marriage equality or who didn't mind it enough to miss out on getting in good with the sector of our society that had come to believe in the righteousness of marriage equality. 2013 was the political amnesty year, and Hillary took that amnesty. Anyone who didn't jump at that point looks very different moving forward.

[. . .]

I do think it's a bit ridiculous that there was a year when everyone was supposed to "evolve" on the subject. Obama said he'd evolved, and so everyone was supposed to be evolved alongside him. But Obama and plenty of other politicians were already fine with same-sex marriage. All that had evolved was the interest in saying so. 

That's Ann Althouse, writing about Andrew Sullivan's smackdown of the hounding (and basically firing) of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for the sin of having donated $1,000 to a group opposing gay marriage in 2008. Sullivqn is a gay writer whose book advocating marriage equality is seen as a seminal work in the gay marriage movement, so his opinion counts for something.He asks:

"If it is unconscionable to support a company whose CEO once donated to the cause against marriage equality, why is it not unconscionable to support a candidate who opposed marriage equality as recently as 2008, and who was an integral part of an administration that embraced the Defense Of Marriage Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton?"

Was she then a bigot? On what conceivable grounds can the Democratic party support a candidate who until only a year ago was, according to the latest orthodoxy, the equivalent of a segregationist, and whose administration enacted more anti-gay laws and measures than any in American history?

It's interesting how the bigotry of one side is so quickly adopted by those on the other side once they've succeeedED despite the bigotry. I've come to believe that almost everybody who demands tolerance is not willing to offer it to others.

We are evolving, and you will evolve with us or be forever banished, in lockstep now, hut, hut hut!