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Opening Arguments

Oh, goody

Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted:

The sometimes maligned “Helmholtz” sculpture is repaired and ready to return to Fort Wayne.

“They were able to fix it perfectly,” Charles A. Shepard III, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's executive director, said of original artist Mark di Suvero and his staff.

The reddish-orange, abstract steel sculpture, which depicts a bull, could return home between mid-May and late June, Shepard said.

“We'd like to get it delivered and installed before the Three Rivers Festival,” he said.

If they can't arrange delivery and installation before the festival in mid-July, Shepard said the museum will wait until after the event because cranes and other equipment needed to install “Helmholtz” could pose a danger to festivalgoers.

Oh, wait. "Depicts a bull." Well, that changes everything, and I take back every mean thinkg i said about Helmholtz back in my sometimes-maligning-crappy-art phase.

I wrote about this years ago in the newspaper, but I don't think I've said anything on the blog. Helmholtz is adored by those who think of themselves as avant-garde. But it's constructivism, a form that originated in Russia beginning 1n 1919. It was silly, self-referential nonsense then and it remains so today.

Oops. Guess my maligning days aren't quite over yet.


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