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Opening Arguments

The bogeyman is hot

Ah, global warming. Is there nothing it can't do? Now, it's driving our children crazy:

Child psychiatrists, psychologists and educators say they’ve seen an escalation in the anxiety levels of today’s youth, who are constantly exposed to doomsday talk about the destruction of our planet. But despite the fact that we live in a world with more volatility and fear, experts say there is hope. And to stay mentally strong, they all advocate not just calling for change, but acting for it.

"Mommy, Mommy, there's global warming under my bed!"

"There, there, it's all right, Mommy will make it go away."

Of course, the warmists will say it's perfectly natural for children to be askeert of something that is going to Doom! The! Planet! and that the way to alleviate their anxiety is to reassure them that we're spending trillions of dollars to fix it and making sure nobody has any of that pesky freedom with which to keep making planet-threatening bad decisions.

To repeat: Is there nothing global warming can't do? Check out the list -- it's downright staggering.