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Opening Arguments

Brothers and sisters in arms

How about a little old-fashioned battle of the sexes?

This push to have women in combat is based on an ideological premise of equality; it is not based on merit or common sense. Feminizing the military is a huge mistake that will endanger the lives of soldiers who are already in combat situations and that ignores the physical restraints of women. We are not as physically strong as men. We are not as muscular. That is a given. We may have stamina but what good will that do; carrying tons of hardware in a situation that requires agility and speed? I would also mention our menstrual cycles but that would raise the hackles of those with permanent 'sexist alarm' antennae.

How about bring back the draft to include women? Ha. Like that's going to happen.

[. . .]

So what's behind this maddening push for women in combat? The military is under the command of a Democrat and there hasn't been a good Democrat commander in charge since Harry Truman. I doubt seriously if Truman were alive today he'd still be a member of his party. Zell Miller wrote that the party left him and it probably left many other patriotic Americans. Bill Clinton wrote that he 'loathed the military' and his immediate military cuts as soon as he was in office led to Black Hawk Down in Somalia. Obama is continuing this contempt for the military and the cuts for veteran benefits and his disdain and lack of respect for the military is palpable. If only military veterans who've served this nation deserved half the attention this president gives illegals, oops, I mean the undocumented. Will the current VA scandal create a real problem for his presidency? Doubtful.

[. . .]

Surveys show that the majority of military and the veterans vote Republican and those serving overseas do not even have their votes tallied. The push for women in combat is just another way to diminish one of the greatest, most powerful military forces on this planet but that may be the whole point anyway, right?

On the matter of the draft:

1. If it is reinstated, certainly women should be included. In fact, given the current state of equality of the sexes in American law and the social landscape, I don't see how it could ever exclude them.

2. But a draft is the most serious confiscation the government casn undertake -- of our very freedom to control our own lives. It should never even be considered unless there is a national emergency.

On the feminization of the military in general, it might be too strong to say that the general intent is to weaken the military. But that has certainly been the effect.