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Opening Arguments

Like dogs and cats

Don't blame me, dog lovers. This is a real study done at an actual university:

"Dog people" and "cat people" really do have different personalities, according to a new study.

People who said they were dog lovers in the study tended to be more lively — meaning they were more energetic and outgoing — and also tended to follow rules closely. Cat lovers, on the other hand, were more introverted, more open-minded and more sensitive than dog lovers. Cat people also tended to be non-conformists, preferring to be expedient rather than follow the rules.

And in a finding that's sure to spark rivalries among pet owners, cat lovers scored higher on intelligence than dog lovers.

Yeah, well, we probably pick the pets that suit our personalities, right? Outgoing, lively people will choose dogs because they actually like all that high-maintenance stuff like walking the beasts and scooping up their messes. Cats like to be left the hell alone, so naturally they are chosen by us leave-us-the-hell-alone types.

I'll claim the "more intelligent" label just because it will irritate the dog lovers. Not so sure about the "more open-minded" part. I've know lots of cat owners who are pretty damn set in their ways.

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