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Opening Arguments

Hey, what's the news?

Boy, what a bunch of whiny malcontents we are:

American journalists have become increasingly dissatisfied with their work and see the industry moving in the wrong direction, a new survey shows.

 The Indiana University survey, which follows up on research first conducted in 1971, found that as newsrooms are shrinking, journalists see themselves having less autonomy and that job satisfaction is on the decline.
[. . .]

Released late last week, it found 59.7 percent say that journalism in the United States is headed "in the wrong direction."

The story doesn't really get into what that "wrong direction" actually is, but I suppose it has something to do with those shrinking newsrooms and the fact that the "mainstream media" don't have quite the clout they once did. I can understand the dissatisfaction -- who getting into the business more than 10 or 15 years ago could have predicted where we'd be now?

But honestly, if I were just starting out now, I'd think journalism was the most exciting field I could be in. True, the old forms of journalism are having to give way, but the field itself is dynamic in a way it's never been. No matter how we evolve technologically, there will always be people who want to know and people who want to be the ones to tell them.