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Opening Arguments

In touch


A study released today reveals new statistics about cellphone theft, including that one in 10 Americans have been victims of phone theft.

The study, commissioned by mobile security company Lookout, is based on a March survey of individuals who had their cellphones stolen. Of those surveyed, 68 percent said they would be willing to put themselves in physical danger if it helped them retrieve their devices.

I wouldn't put myself "in physical danger" for my car or all my money. For their damn cellphones?

But, alas, I am a member of this group:

A survey by the University of Southern California found that a third of folks would turn around and go back if they walked out of the house without their cell phone, no matter how far, even if it meant being late for work or another important event. Twenty-eight percent said they would only go back if it took ten minutes or less.
How strange (and a little sad) that something I didn't have for most of my life has so quickly become so indispensable. I have gone back for my phone, at least a couple of times from more than halfway to work. The idea that I am out of touch -- can't call out, can't be reached -- for any time at all is just unacceptable. Maybe it has something to do with why I got a cell phone in the first place -- back in the days when (sit down for this one, kids) making phone calls was all they were good for. My Jeep Cherokee had a bad transmission and kept stranding me in the middle of nowhere. Having a phone on me with which to call a cab and/or tow truck was a great comfort.
At least that's what I like to think. Excuse me now, I have to check my texts, and Angry Birds is waiting for me.