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Opening Arguments

That's it, war's over

Boy, this sure takes the "war on women" in a whole new direction:

The National Organization of Women (NOW) has compiled a list of what they're calling the "Dirty 100" — organizations who have filed suit against the HHS Contraception Mandate. One of the "Dirty 100" organizations that NOW claims is simply "using religion" to discriminate against women, is, in fact, a group of Catholic religious sisters called the Little Sisters of the Poor.

[. . .]

Nothing quite says a "force for women's rights" like attacking a group of women, am I right?

Yeah, especially this particular group of women, who take vows of povery and have as a mission is to tend to the needs of the elderly poor. This may end up not being the boneheadedest PR move of the year, but it will do until the real one comes along.

I've seen people twist the meaning of certain political moves and court decisions and become hysterical over something that just isn't so. But the reaction to the Hobby Lobby case beats anything I've ever seen -- these people are losing their minds right in front of us.

Last word to Carly Fiona, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard:

“A lot of women, me included, are sick of the ‘war on women,’” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and California Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. “And we saw it in spades on Monday after the Hobby Lobby case. The women of Hobby Lobby had access to contraception through their company insurance plan before Obamacare; they have access to contraception — 16 forms of it — after the ruling. But somehow, you know, this is the long arm of business and the Republican Party reaching into the body of women. It’s ridiculous.”

Fiorina then pulled out a fortune she said she’d received recently in a fortune cookie.

“‘Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause,’” Fiorina read. “And that’s exactly right. The War On Women is shameless, baseless propaganda. There’s no fact to it. But it’s worked because it’s scared women to death. Enough.”

"Strong and bitter words indicate a weak case." Heh.