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Opening Arguments

Both barrels

From Michael Bloomberg's group, quite possibly the dumbest anti-gun ad you will ever see:

It's downright baffling, isn't it?

. . . of all the ways you could dramatize why guns should be controlled more closely, a confrontation between a defenseless woman and a larger, enraged man is one of the dumbest. For good measure, as others have noted, Bloomy’s group inexplicably imagines the woman on the phone with 911 before crazy guy bursts in, as if to emphasize that the cops can’t always help even when they know you’re in danger.

The counter ad just writes itself, doesn't it?

(Via The Blaze, through Hot Air)


Frank Keller
Sat, 08/02/2014 - 8:04pm

Only problem with the 2nd video is she should have pulled the trigger! 1st video sucks.