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Opening Arguments

Have fun, you rotten kids!

Well, if the kids in school need a break from the control freaks implementing zero-tolerance policies, they can at least escape for a few minutes a day at recess: Oh, wait . . .

Recess is a time for kids to run free -- unless they attend Fayette Central Elementary school in Connersville, Indiana.

CNN affiliate WTHR reports that parents are angry about the school's recess policy, which enforces a rule that an activity of choice be played at recess time. If the kids do not want to participate, they are sent to the principal's office.

One mother, Audrey Dice, made the decision to start an online petition to protest against the school's policy. Over a thousand people have signed the petition so far.

"Not every student wants to jump rope, play kick ball, basketball or whatever is the activity assigned," the petition reads. "They should have free choice of how to spend their recess time! No two children are the same and we have students that have special needs or handicaps and are concessions being made for those children."

Fayette County School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Russell Hodges told WTHR that the structure of Fayette Central Elementary's recess is designed to get kids moving.

Simple rule: If it's filled with "structured activities," don't call it recess. You will play and have fun, that is on order!" Now they're trying to ruin recess -- what a metaphor for the modern age.