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Opening Arguments

Miracle workers

Hooray for Hoosier Dr, Kent Brantly and his recovery from ebola. One reason given for returning him and his fellow medical missionary to the U.S. was that they'd get far better treatment here and would thus have a better chance of survival.  Well, guess what:

They were the first human beings to receive an experimental drug called ZMapp. But they are not the first people to have recovered from Ebola, and good hospital care is likely more responsible for their recovery than any mysterious “serum,” as the charities they work for termed it…

[. . .]

“The key to resolving Ebola virus infection was aggressive supportive care,” he said. This level of care just isn’t available in most parts of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where clinics struggle to even provide clean water and beds for patients.

Remember the absolute hysteria about bring them home? A lot of people, some of them pretty well-known, were fanning the flames of fear.  If you're tired of all the world-at-the-brink news, watch this video just to see a devout, gracious man say thanks to everyone who helped him.