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Opening Arguments

My stars are not aligned

My birthday is on Sept. 6, so I guess this is one more reason to be glad I don't live in China:

IMAGINE being turned down for a job not because of your skills and experience, or even whether you’re a man or a woman, but when you were born.

We’re not talking about age discrimination. In China, astrology is serious business, and crazy as it sounds, one star sign has more trouble finding work than most.

According to Christopher Beam, China-based writer with New Republic magazine, astrology discrimination in China is very real — and Virgos cop the brunt of it.

Those born between August 23 and September 22 are mocked online for being picky, spoiled, and fussy to the point of being obsessive-compulsive.

“Virgos are perfectionists, so they’ll often criticise other people,” Felicia Jiang, founder of popular astrology website NoDoor.com, told New Republic. “It’s easy to notice, and easy to exaggerate.”

The Commie punks can't allow religion to flourish because you know, the state is God, but they tolerate astrology worship?

An before you ask, I am not picky, spoiled and fussy.

Hey you, sit up straight out there. Slouching annoys me and my mommy said it's OK for me to correct your behavior.

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