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Opening Arguments

Boys will be girls

A world gone mad:

A transgender teenager, who was born male but identifies as a female, can continue to use a women’s restroom and locker room at a Jefferson County Public School.

In a 5-to-1 vote, an appeal board upheld Atherton High School’s nondiscrimination policy Thursday, which states the school must accept the gender identity each student asserts and shouldn’t discriminate on the use of school space on the basis of gender identity nor gender expression.

There you have it, boys. Just say you're a girl and you can shower with the girls. Is that sinking in? Teenage boys in high school have now been given an excuse to shower with teenage girls. Of course, if they're discovered with an aspirin or draw a picutre of a gun, they're outta there. When did the adults decide to stop being in charge? Are they that afraid to be labeled an insensitive, discriminatory hater?

A sharp (if obvious) boservation:

As I have said before, I’m pretty sympathetic to the idea everybody needs a bathroom. But what kind of a society has priorities like these?