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Opening Arguments

Suck it, Tibet

It's kind of hard to keep thinking of the United States as the world's foremost champion of freedom when the commander in chief isn't exactly on board:

President Obama said on Wednesday, "we recognise Tibet as part of the People's Republic of China. We are not in favour of independence."

Certainly Obama isn't the first U.S. president to such up to a nasty totalitarian thug. He just does it with so little class.

I wasn't crazy about the whole Nixon lovefest in China, either. I think Taiwan deserves better treatment from us, and it wasn't exactly thrilling to see Hong Kong back under China's authority. China has the potential to be a far greater menace to the world than the Soviet Union ever was. They have the people and resources to be the world's biggest economic force, and anybody who thinks the leaders there are committed to peace with the world and liberty for their own people are living in a fool's paradise.

But, hey, at least Obama made a secret deal with China to drastically cut carbon emissions, which should, A) nicely devastate our economy and, B) give China another way to humiliate us by blatantly ignoring the agreement. Oh, no, you silly person, why does he need to get approval from that pesky Congress for such a sweeping action? And screw the voters, too, those stupid ingrates who turned the Senate over to the GOP and made the House Republican majority even stronger.