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Opening Arguments

No problem

This is from the "paper of record" that publishes "all the news that's fit to print," so of course we must take it as 100 percent the gospel truth.

But while scientists and climate-policy experts welcome the new momentum ahead of the Lima talks, they warn that it now may be impossible to prevent the temperature of the planet’s atmosphere from rising by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. According to a large body of scientific research, that is the tipping point at which the world will be locked into a near-term future of drought, food and water shortages, melting ice sheets, shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels and widespread flooding — events that could harm the world’s population and economy.

Recent reports show that there may be no way to prevent the planet’s temperature from rising, given the current level of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and the projected rate of emissions expected to continue before any new deal is carried out.

The Earth is doomed! We're all going to die! Extinction! No hope, no way out, no chance!

This is kind of liberating, actually. You know what they say: If there's no solution, there's no problem. Let's all go out and have a nice big-carbon-footprint day.