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Opening Arguments

Green vs. green

Want to see a really good case of cognitive dissonance? Just ask one of those Gaia Movement freaks to read this:

California, where I live, is in the middle of a bad drought. The governor has ordered unprecedented mandatory water restrictions with the aim of reducing water use by 25 percent.  Restrictions on watering lawns, washing cars, and even showering are expected, as well as price hikes.

Here’s another potential water-saving idea: A moratorium on mandatory recycling. I would guess at least 10% of my water use comes from washing/rinsing all the recyclables I am required to separate out from the regular trash.

Of course there might not be any conflicting emotions at all. The aim is to save Mother Earth, not the nasty human beings who are always hurting her. Make the water cuts even more drastic, to the point where a lot of people die, and there will be less pollution of the precious planet. Problem solved!