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Opening Arguments

It's takeback time

Here we go again:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul told a raucous crowd in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday that he will build his presdiential campaign on 'a message that is loud and clear, and does not mince words: We have come to take our country back.'

Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, and if he lets some of his libertarianism remain intact while he courts conservatives in the primary and moderates in the general election, I might even vote for him (assuming he makes it that far). But couldn't somebody come up with an original thought?
Barack Obama wanted to take the country back. If I remember correctly, Ronald Reagan did, too. Who are they taking it back from? What is this, a damn tug of war or game of keepaway between rival factions of political politicians? Oh, wait. Of course it is. What was I thinking?
Sorry, guys (and Hillary gal). The country is ours. It belongs to all of us, regardless of whomever we let in at the top to screw things up. When you're gone, it will still be ours, and we will try to repair the damage as best we can.
One of my more cynical days. Guess I should have put that warning at the top.