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Opening Arguments

Follow the money

So, they're not going to put a woman on the $20 bill after all but on the $10 bill. This has resulted in the usual silly stuff, like, so, another example of economic inequity -- downgraded to the $10! There is even a minor controversy about getting rid of Hamilton instead of Jackson:

Historically speaking, this is an absolute outrage.

[. . .]
But quite literally, apart from Washington on the most used bill of all, the $1, which of course is sacrosanct and symbolically perfect, the single most appropriate face on an oft-used bill is Hamilton’s. Our financial system is Hamilton’s system, fergoshsakes. How can we NOT put him on our money?!?
But what I haven't seen anybody say yet (so I will) is that this momentous event will happen in 2020, about two years (I estimate) after we have pretty much stopped using paper money altogether. I say this as someone who took years to get used to a debit card and now can't imagine his life without it. Sorry, ladies, you've come a long way, but you woon't get there in time.
Do we have to care about everything, by the way? Is it OK if I take a pass on this issue?