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Opening Arguments

Think again

Strange old world just keeps getting stranger:

Why is Caitlyn Jenner treated as a groundbreaking cultural hero and Rachel Dolezal condemned as a charlatan? If it’s okay to be transgender, what’s wrong with being “transracial”?

[. . .]

Jenner, should anyone need reminding, is the Olympian formerly known as Bruce Jenner, while Dolezal is the Spokane NAACP president who self-identifies as “black” facing claims from a white Montana couple that they are her parents. Dolezal’s story unfolded last week after she refused to answer a reporter’s question: “Are you an African American?”

[. . .]

It’s important to note that Jenner and Dolezal are indeed very different.

Dolezal, accused of misrepresenting important parts of her past, is under investigation by local authorities, and may have committed fraud; Jenner is not and did not. Jenner is transgender; though Dolezal may be “transracial,” this much less widely accepted term may have no meaning.

Wow, a term that "may have no meaning." So there are some limits to what we will swallow?

I think my cat might be trans-species. Sometimes he acts like a dog and for all I know he might even think he's a dog.

But that does not make him a dog.

(Apologies to Abraham Lincoln.)