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Cudrrent events

Go ahead, guess the word, it's an easy one

It's been a loooong time since I took the SAT, and I don't really know enough about the way the test has evolved over the years to tell how good or bad the recently announced changes would be. But two things sturck me. One is that all those pesky "hard words" are going away:

And difficult vocabulary will be replaced with words that students are more likely to use in college or in the workplace.

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Heads up

Posted in: Cudrrent events

Fidelity, bravery, hey, wanna see my junk?

Wow. Talk about a shocking scandal!

Bosses at the FBI are worried about a different kind of “undercover work.”

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Skewed again!

The New York Times did an analysis of hiring for top White House positions in the Obama administration and found that it "skews male."

Feel watched?

"Let's party like it's 1984" department. From my current favorite libertarian, Andrew Napolitano:

Drop that steak, kid!

It's a vegetarian conspiracy!

For one day each week, the Los Angeles City Council wants residents to go vegetarian.

In a unanimous 12-0 vote, the council approved a resolution Friday endorsing the "meatless Monday" campaign and asking residents to make a personal pledge to ditch meat for one day a week.

Carry on

For you traveling gun-toters, here's a map showing  castle doctrine, sstand-your-ground and duty-to-retreat states. A bigger map and lots more information at the link. Nohe that, A) Indiana is a true Red State and, B) there are only six -- count 'em, six -- "duty to retreat" states.