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Hoosier lore

Tiiiime is on my side

Masson's Blog has a link to several Indiana blogs that are commenting on the daylight-savings/time zone issue, including a post I made. I seem to be the only one of the bunch that likes DST. Guess Gov. Daniels won't be getting the blogger vote if he runs again.

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Time and again

Tonight's lead editorial is about the, to some, disappointing reality that nobody's time zone is likely to change in Indiana; we're just going to move to daylight-savings time based on whatever zone we're already in. I sincerely hope it's the last piece I have to write for a while on this issue, which has been dragging on since before I started in the newspaper business.

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New meaning for the term 'cowardly thief'

A special seat in the lowest circle of hell should be reserved for whoever commited this theft. The stories about Mr. Davis' missing medal, by the way, misleadingingly report that he is "one of only two Hoosiers" to have received the Medal of Honor. As this site shows, 75 Hoosiers have earned that distinction.

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Give us your weather, and we'll call it even

It's not enough that everybody is deserting us for the south and west. They want to take our water with them. This might not seem like a big deal now, but it will, soon.

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And you wonder why the roads are so crowded

Drat. Indiana gets slighted in another one of those "best of" lists. CNN and Money magazine have compiled a list of the 100 best places to live, and it looks like only two Indiana cities get a mention -- Fishers, Pop. 48,900, just outside of Indianapolis, at No. 24; and Dyer, Pop. 16,800, outside Gary, at No. 97.

We're out of control, so give us some

Consolidated government hasn't been much in the news lately, but people here are still working on it. One thing that will help the movement is increased pressure on the state to let go of its control as more and more cities and counties try to cope with shrinking revenues and an increasing demand for services. Evansville officials are further along than we are in designing a charter-government template.

Say Bayh, Hillary

For someone who is being so coy about whether he'll run for president, Indiana U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh is spending a lot of time in New Hampshire. And he's being fondly mentioned in, of all places, Hollywood. According to syndicated columnist Robert Novak, there is surprising opposition to Hillary Clinton on the left coast.

Are you reading this at work?

Some of you people just aren't trying. According to  a new survey conducted by America Online and Salary.com, Indiana is ranked only second in the nation when it comes to wasting time at work. That means Missouri workers, ranked No. 1, waste 3.2 hours each in an 8-hour work day (not counting lunch, of course), costing companies $28.1 billion, while Hoosier workers waste only 2.8 hours a day each, costing a mere $25.1 billion.

Cat O' Mine Tales

I have cats, so naturally I'll be posting photos of them from time to time. Get used to it.