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Hoosier lore

No core on the Core

The rebrand hustle

Michelle Malkin, a longtime opponent of Common Core, isn't buying the whole "we scrapped Common Core and did our own better version" scenario. In fact, she calls ig "Big Government GOP's Common Core rebrand hustle."

Indy heat

Wow. The NRA convention in Indianapolis is expected to draw 70,000 people this weekend. My first though was that it would be pretty cool to have the convention here sometime, but I doubt the city could even handle that many visitors over a couple of days. And it probably wouldn't thrill Mayor Henry since he's an enthusiastic member of Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against People Killing People With Guns or whatever the hell it's called.

Family values

How about a little bipartisan unethical-politician bashing? First up, Harry Reid. The man has been a public servant all his life. So how did he get so rich?

Let Mikey try it?

Mike Pence's name keeps getting tossed around as a potential 2016 GOP presidential contender. Hee's a generally positive report at Bloomberg:

Too late

I have a spectacularly lousy record of political predictions, so take that into account, but I think the ship has sailed on this possibility, Gov. Pence:

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says national Republicans have reached out to him about running for president in 2016.

Ill winds


Areas where landscape shifts from urban to rural or forest to farmland may have a higher likelihood of severe weather and tornado touchdowns, a Purdue University study says.

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My bully pulpit

Last year, Indiana became one of the few states to pass a law requiring anti-bullying programs. Schools are required to offer programs and training for students and staff on preventing and identifying bullying, which is defined as "an imbalance of power, with a pattern or repeated acts over time, or acts done with the intent to cause harm."

As this story notes, schools are now working to comply with the law:

The South will rise again, and move

Hey, fellow crackers, did you know you were now a part of the South? At least NPR says so:

When cats run free

Having served all other Hoosier problems, the General Assembly now turns to -- drum roll, please -- feral cats:

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Senate has given final approval to a measure supporters hope will improve the lives of stray cats in Indiana's mobile home parks.