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Politics and other nightmares

Spend, spend, spend

Following is another dispatch from libertarian correspondent Mike Sylvester:

I am looking at government spending as a percentage of gross domestic product -- what percent of all money in the United States is spent by federal, state and local governments combined.

Can real people do politics?

If you've read some of my posts here, especially the opening one, you know that I resist trying to wear a single political label. If pressed, I tend to call myself a "moderate conservative with strong libertarian tendencies and a few liberal skeletons in the closet," but protesting that that description doesn't cover everything.

My land is my land, your land is your land

I don't want to miss too many opportunities to document the advances and retreats of liberty here, so I've asked Mike Sylvester, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, to be my occasional libertarian correspondent. Here is his first report:

FOX in the whine house

Journal Gazette Editorial Page Editor Tracy Warner had a post on his blog about the president's visit to Indianapolis. He got into some vigorous Republican bashing; fine, we'll let that pass. But he also threw in an aside about "that bastion of unbiased coverage, FOX news." OK, I'll concede FOX and throw in Rush Limbaugh and most of talk radio as a bonus.

I'll wait till the movie comes out

I don't care about the Karl Rove story, I don't want to care about the Karl Rove story, and you can't make me care about the Karl Rove story. 1. It's about Democrats and Republicans jockeying for 2006; I'll wait for the real issues. 2. The mainstream press is on the Democrats' side, though trying mightily to maintain the delusion that it is objective and neutral. Big shock.