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Tailing the Komets

Jersey auction results

The Komets raised $17,925 on the night. Here are the individual totals:

WANE's Tuesday highlights

Game 6, Round 2

Huge traffic snafu on 75 S added an hour to the trip but we got here anyway.

Nic Leduc is the referee tonight. It's about 20 degrees warmer in Cincinnati than it is in Fort Wayne so I expect the ice to get soft in this old building. Air conditioning is cranked here, but it's not all that cool.

Greenville won

The Road Warriors beat Wheeling 4-0 on Monday night to clinch that series in six games. Greenville will have the home-ice advancate if it faces the Komets, but Cincinnati will be the home team if the Cyclones win.

What's this all really mean to the Komets? Not much, other than the road team now has a 16-15 mark in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Inside The Zone for May 12

What do you think?

Do you think they are done, or can they still pull it off? What lineup changes would you make? Would you mess with team chemistry at this point?

WANE's Sunday highlights

Great game, tough loss

First, after Cincinnati had battled back to tie 2-2, Kaleigh Schrock did the near-impossible and beat Rob Madore's glovehand.

Then Josh Birkholz  beat everyone up the ice to put the puck over Ben Meisner's right shoulder and force overtime.

Game 5, Round 2

It's 1-0 after te first on a goal by Cincinnati's Logan Shaw. Komets led in shots 12-10, and this might have been their best first period of the series. They played with energy and urgency and took the body.

Calling my shot

I'm printing this here before the game. I think Brandon Marino is about to bust out with a big game. He's due, I thought he played better in Game 4 and he's the most-competitive guy on the team. He hates to lose in a practice drill. I think he's going to say the heck with it and just play today and have a good game. It's his time.

Just have this feeling.

WANE's Saturday highlights

How did it go in?

Here's how it looked from my angle.

I asked Matt Carter who is standing next to the goalpost what he saw: ``Nothing, I just saw Clarkie going crazy. Their goalie said a word I can't say on the air right now, so I knew something good had happened.''