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Tailing the Komets

WANE's Friday highlights

A snowjob

Komets are up 1-0 after first period. 

One Legendary Night

For Lamplighters Hockey from 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, April 9, at The Summit, 1025 W. Rudisill

Faille is ECHL Rookie of the Month

From a Komets' press release:

Nice save

Kalamazoo playoff tickets are on sale

I'm posting this because as of right now, with six games still to be played, this is who the Komets would face in the first round. The Komets have already announced the dates of the first two games as April 17 and 18.

From a Kalamazoo press release:

Stanford Ratings for March 30

Some things I noticed this week

* Drew Daniels is a warrior. Yeah, he screwed up and gave up Cincy's third goal Saturday night, but he was a beast the entire game and might have been Fort Wayne's best player on the ice. He busted his tail for 60 minutes and made a great play on the tying goal that will never show up on the stat sheet to clear the way for Mike Embach's shot. Then he forced the penalty on Cincy in overtime that led to the game-winning power-play goal. Two big-time plays that often go unnoticed. He was also great at moving in from the point to create offense when Cincy was packing it in deep.


Shawn Szydlowski's game-winning goal from overtime.

Who do you want to see them play?

Who do you want to see the Komets play in the first round of the playoffs? If they win Friday in Wheeling and Saturday in Cincinnati, the Komets will really help Kalamazoo's cause to finish third, which could mean more games against the Wings after they've already had 15 regular-season games. Hello, Joel Martin!

If the Komets manage to overtake Toledo, they could end up playing either Wheeling, Cincinnati or Indy in the first round. Indy is closer, but who knows how much those tickets will cost? That could be ridiculous.

What do you think?