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Opening Arguments

The clock is ticking

We love the game, but don't mess with us, OK?

Yet Commissioner Roger Goodell conceded the owners' lockout of players that is in its third month -- and with no end in sight -- is doing damage to the NFL. Fans, he said, are beyond restless.

"The uncertainty is bad for us in several ways because of what it does to the game and what it does to our fans," Goodell said Wednesday afternoon as the NFL's spring meeting concluded at the Downtown Westin.

"Fans want certainty."

Damn right, certainty. These clowns should take a lesson from the baseball geniuses, who chased away fans with their strike who will never come back. I wouldn't say I'd never go back if this NFL season gets messed up, but the idea I was being jerked around because of billionaire owners fighting with millionaire players, would keep me away awhile.