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Opening Arguments

Dead at the box office

First we had people doing duets with dead singers, like Natalie singing with Nat and Hank Jr. singing with Hank Sr. Now comes George Lucas to really push the idea of getting all we can out of the talented dearly departed:

From the horrible ideas department comes the news from George Lucas that he's buying "the film rights to dead actors." You know, so he can resurrect them virtually for upcoming movies. Oh, come on, George.

I dunno. This isn't as creepy as the poster seems to think it is. We're used to seeing movies and old TV shows filled with dead people. "Omigod, everyone in this movie is dead!" "Oh, no, Pernell Roberts just died; everybody from 'Bonanza' is gone now!" It might be nice to see some interesting pairings, like maybe Bruce Willis and John Wayne in "Die Hard 15," or maybe a romantic pairing of Brad Pitt and Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 3D." And I bet we could come up with a hell of an all-star cast for the next