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Opening Arguments

Don't poke me

There's a funny line in Newsweek's cover story about Facebook:

Facebook does complicate the pleasure of gently losing touch with people you're tired of.

I don't send cards these days, but when I was married, my wife and I did. Neglecting to send a Christmas card to someone whose been on the list for a few years is a great way to start that "gently losing touch" process.

I relish many of the changes brought by the digital revolution, including the ability to quickly create and share music and photos and video. But the networking stuff leaves me cold.  "Poking" hundreds of "friends" with electronic nudges might be a good way to get a political campaign going, but it doesn't have a lot to do with sustaining and nurturing important relationships. Maybe that's why I don't do cards. It's the low-tech version of "Hey, how you doing?" poking.