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Opening Arguments

Earth lover

Oops. Made a liar out of myself. I wrote this last January:

I have never recycled anything and never will, however that concept is defined. "Use it up and move on" is my motto. Bring on the landfills. Trying to endlessly reuse the same resources is the mark of a desperate people with no options, such as those that might be trapped on a desert island.

Turns out I recycled last week, though entirely by accident and certainly under no illusion that I was helping save the planet. I had a two-week stack of newspapers and had run out of garbage bags. Rather than leave them in the house to continue getting added to, I hunted up the brown recycle bin and dusted it off.

Drat. Now I've discovered that leaving the bin behind the counch and putting the newspapers in it when I'm finished with them is a lot more convenient than stacking up the papers, then wrestling them into a garbage bag. Call me Father Earth. Next up, take my rebate check and save the economy!