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Opening Arguments

Flag Day

God hates fags! Er, flags. OK, both:

Chalk up another one on the list of random things the Westboro Baptist Church hates: Flags.

In honor of Flag Day, the WBC issued a (probably unintentionally) hilarious press release -- which came a day late, because evidently it takes a little while to write a song about how "They'll face the wrath of God for sure/Cuz they worshipped a filthy flag."

Here's a choice excerpt from the press release (rendered in the original in a super-boldface font):

Your impotent blood-soaked feces-stained semen-slathered fag flag is an idol. Don't turn up your nose; that's your conduct that put it in that condition. Lad Liberty is a mean hypocritical whore, who only lets in fags and drug-thugs nowadays.

Phelps and company, you'll recall, have been through this area a time or two in their quest to get out the message that God is killing our soldiers because he doesn't like our wicked ways. The writer points out that, in addition to fags and flags, Westboro hates, among other things, Nebraska, Lady Gaga, Isreael, Gerald Ford and Sweden: "Really, the WBC hates so much stuff it's hard to take the organization seriously--it's more a parody of a hate group than an actual hate group."


Larry Morris
Fri, 06/18/2010 - 12:17pm


Fri, 06/18/2010 - 2:02pm

Don't do anything to give them an excuse to get violent.
Counter-protest groups have figured out a way to drive them crazy - OK, they're already crazy - make fun of them.
The anti-Phelps folks have been carrying signs that are complete non sequiturs, such as "I have a sign" and "God hates unicorns."
It's worth pointing out here that Phelps and company are not generalized haters - they are quite specific: They hate homosexuals. They protest military funerals not because they hate the military, but because our country doesn't kill gays.
Their own website is "godhatesfags.com".
Given the now-tedious list of gay-haters who have been caught with their "rent-boys," one is forced to speculate on the Rev. Phelps' own sexual fantasies. I think it's pretty obvious.