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Opening Arguments

Good God

Poor Hoosier atheist activists can't get a break. First, Bloomington refused to let its buses carry the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign's signs proclaiming that "You can be good without God," ruling the message too controversial. Then, the Mishawaka and South Bend bus people, because of the Bloomington flap, decided to seek board approval for putting the signs on its buses. Trouble is, the board doesn't meet till Monday, and the group wanted the signs up in advance of President Obama's Sunday address at Notre Dame:

"That would be like us buying a 1972 Sears catalog," Sitzes said. "They're worthless now."

The ads, which are set to run on 20 buses, cost $3,895.80, according to a copy of the check written to Burkhart Advertising, which contracts with Transpo for the bus-side ads.

I don't mean to pile on, but why drag Sears into this, especially by denigrating its fine 1972 catalog? That publication happened to chronicle a high point of women's fashion, when psychedelic patterns, Perma-Prest pants, Polyester, nylon and something called "qiana" were all the rage. I mean, just take a look at one of the pages from the catalog and then tell me you aren't downright sick about how much worse wimmen's duds have gotten.

Qiana, by the way, was Polyester, but promised to have the "luxury of silk"? What more could you ask for, and how could you expect a bunch of Godless bus hoppers to


Thu, 05/14/2009 - 9:28am

"You can be good without God" is controversial. Yikes.