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Opening Arguments

How about a truce?

OK, enough; the "Christmas wars" are getting tiresome. I like this take that strikes a "plague on both their houses" attitude:

The only thing more annoying than the killjoys who want to keep creches off town greens is listening to Bill O'Reilly or John Gibson rant about how it's all part of an insidious plot, cooked up in some secret lair where Barry Lynn, John Shelby Spong and the editorial board of the New York Times gather to guzzle eggnog and plan the destruction of all that is good and holy. To the extent that the real meaning (or the "original intent," if you will) of the season has suffered serious damage, the PC nonsense is just a flesh wound - the real de-Christianization of Christmas is being carried out, as it has been for some time, by the frenetic pace of modern life, and the crassifying tendencies of commerce.


Wed, 12/21/2005 - 1:21pm

Why hasn't O'Reilly demanded that his own Fox network restore Christmas to its web site?