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Opening Arguments

Libertarian U.

My God, maybe there's hope for the future after all:

Even though on an issue-by-issue basis the opinions of incoming freshmen are becoming less conservative, the number of liberal students per se is not necessarily on the rise.

As students over the past couple of years have become more likely to self-identify politically as “middle of the road” (47.4 percent in 2011, up three percentage points since 2009), the percentage who consider themselves “liberal” has actually declined more than that of those who say they’re “conservative.”

The story doesn't actually come out and say students are becoming more "libertarian" -- in fact that word isn't used a single time. But it's hard not to conclude that that's exactly what's happening. Words like "tolerance" and phrases like "diverse viewpoints" are thrown about, and the headline is "Live and Let Live (and Study)."
Or maybe I'm engaged in a little wishful thinking. Sign of age, I hear.