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Opening Arguments

Map attack!

Well, there's half an hour I won't get back again. Google's much-anticipated Street View has finally been unveiled in Fort Wayne, so naturally I had to try it out. I went to maps.google.com and typed in our address -- 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne IN -- then clicked on Street View. I clicked on the arrow to scroll east on Main Street until I came to Broadway, then started clicking to go south and didn't stop till I got to my house on Oakdale. It took longer than my usual commute home, since Google lets you advance only a building or two at a time, but I must say that, in all the years I've been driving that route, it's the least amount of traffic I've ever encountered. Next, I had to go check out the other houses I've lived in in Fort Wayne, and then . . . well, I expect you'll be doing the same sort of thing.


Bob G.
Thu, 12/11/2008 - 11:27am

I caved in...checked it out, and was surprised by how WRONG the address scrolls were for MY area (did I expect anything less?) with addresses panning by that don't EVEN exist. Someone messed up royally there.

I do like the pan features...much better than the city's GIS site. And my house looks pretty nice, considering I didn't take the photos...lol.

What I also find "amusing", is that the photos appear to be from 2005 (as is the city's GIS sat-pics).
I know the maps can't be THAT current, as I checked out my neighborhood, and saw things around I haven't seen in...well, YEARS.

Strill...nice to mess around with...when things get a tad dull.


Larry Morris
Thu, 12/11/2008 - 12:39pm

Wow, can't believe they have this feature working for my neck of the woods - and the key phrase is "woods" - I live out in the boonies and they have the "pan and scan" feature working flawlessly - but as Bob points out, some of the addresses are wrong - even mine - they have mine off by a couple hundred yards, ... but still impressive, ...