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Opening Arguments

My way

Most of us can't afford to advertise ourselves by securing the naming rights for something as big as a sports stadium. But what about something a little more modest? Thanks to the budget troubles of cities like Indianapolis, we may finally have our shot:

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's administration is looking into whether selling naming rights and other forms of advertising might help the city make needed infrastructure improvements.

[. . .]

The city might let companies or everyday citizens do more than just adopt highways. It might offer to sell naming rights for sewer caps and/or sidewalks.

[. . .]

"As long as it's not too wacky, as long as it's not too far out of the box and really hurts the character of the city, we've got to look at it," Ballard said.


Some cities, such as Louisville, have gone so far as allowing KFC to brand potholes and help pay for repairs.

It might be embarrassing to have my name on a pothole or a sewer cap, but I'd go a few hundred bucks to have my own street -- even just a block or two of one. With my luck, though, they'd give me a dead-end one. (OK, OK, hold it down out there.)


Bob G.
Wed, 08/12/2009 - 10:12am

Look on the BRIGHT side, Leo...
At least no one would be SPEEDING through that street...
(unless they grew pot in the upstairs bathroom window)