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Opening Arguments

The new benchmark

Has anybody in the history of celebrity ever gone from got it made to total disrepute quite so quickly?

A woman was taken to the hospital from the home of Tiger Woods early today, according to WESH-TV in Orange County, Fla., and the Orlando Sentinel. The TV station identified the woman as Woods' mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg.

Tiger Woods is known for setting new records on the golf course, and now he's gone and done it in his private life. This is going to be the standard by which all other scandals are measured. It's not going to be enough to just have a good life that is risked with a bimbo or two (or even, as in Bill Clinton's case, a pathetic handful). Here we have to be the seemingly perfect life -- incredible talent, good looks, all the money in the world, a fabulous wife and beautiful kids -- and the bimbos are erupting so fast we can't count them, and just for dramatic effect, we have the mother-in-law hauled out of the house in an ambulance. Man,