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Opening Arguments

Saxon violins

Big bucks for an extensive study to State the Obvious:

From football thugs on the front line, most conflict can be blamed on the male sex drive, a study suggests.

It emerged through natural selection as a result of competition for mates, territory and status, and is seen in conflicts between nations as well as clashes involving rival gangs, football fans or religious groups, say the researchers.

In contrast, they add, women evolved to resolve conflicts peacefully. They are said to have been programmed by natural selection to "tend and befriend" to protect their children.

So, let's recap: Men are aggressive, women are nurturing. Who knew? Guess we can forget all that "Make love, not war" crap, since it goes against human nature. But if we're going by this study, I guess it should be, "Make love, then war."

(If you don't understand the headline, one of us needs a sense-of-humor transplant. Not saying which one.)