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Opening Arguments

Snow way

Last week I mentioned three personal signs of the winter season: 1. The annual closing of Zesto's. 2. First wearing of the overcoat. 3. First time scraping the windshield. I should have mentioned a fourth -- PEOPLE BEING MORONS!

The early morning snowfall has led to slippery roads throughout the area and a number of accidents during the morning commute.

[. . .]

Police report a number of accidents throughout the area, some with minor injuries. Motorists are strongly advised to slow down and allow more travel time.

The first snow of the year was barely a quarter of an inch, but drivers reacted the way they always do after being yanked out of months of driving in good weather -- like loons wandering around aimlessly in that Monty Python "Twit of the Year" contest until they run into each other. Made it to work accident-free -- no thanks to you know who you are.