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Opening Arguments

Things are tough all over

Aww, the poor babies:

One night in Adams Morgan, the sons and daughters of lawyers and corporate executives padded into a friend's rowhouse for a kind of group therapy session about their families' wealth.

They are young people who have inherited or stand to inherit big money, and they are spending their post-college years living modestly and working to address the needs of the poor, hungry and politically disadvantaged. But the privilege they grew up with and the money coming their way nag at them in ways few people not in their position can fathom.

I hate to see anybody suffer, especially when inherited-wealth-induced guilt forces people into such intense and painful therapy sessions. I would be very happy to make them less guilty -- they can just send me as much of their money as it takes to get them back to good mental health. I even promise to foolishly squander the money so they can replace all that guilt with loathing.

The kids' "therapy session" was at a private dinner, which gave them a "rare chance" to talk about their guilt and their views on social equality without fear of "eye-rolling from people who might view them as spoiled rich kids playing at helping the downtrodden."

Make that whiny, spoiled rich kids. Oop