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Opening Arguments

Trash talk

A different perspective on gay marriage:

If you put something out with the trash, the police can search it without a warrant. Anyone walking by can take it. Although it's still on your property, it's not really yours anymore; you've relinquished your claim to it. And that's exactly what done with marriage. We might as well let gays have it. We're not using it.

[. . .]

And for my fellow Christian conservatives: we haven't got a moral leg to stand on. Our divorce rate is identical to the national average.  We allow our churches to be used as elaborate stage sets for bridezilla productions, often with just pro forma premarital counseling or sometimes none at all.  When our fellow church members get divorced, we do not counsel them adequately.  We fail to create a culture of marriage in our youth and twenty-somethings.  We have shown massive disrespect for marriage.  When we demand others respect it, it's not surprising that we're not taken seriously.

I suspect the writer is correct that gay marriage is going to be a fact of life (this is likely to be looked back on as the year in which the dam broke) and even that polygamy is on the way because the arguments for gay marriage carry over easily to support it. The change started with courts, but more legislatures will get involved as people's attitudes continue to change.


Mike Allen
Mon, 04/27/2009 - 3:55pm

Well said, and nearly identical to what I have noted for years. I have personally heard a church-going male say that he opposed gay marriage because it "violated the sanctity of marriage", and I was tempted to ask him what his (second) wife thought. If you are looking for the culprits of who destroyed the insitution of marriage, do not point fingers at homosexuals (or polygamists, for that matter). Start at your own church, or even your own family.

I don't think this change started with the courts, but with our own lack of moral accountability. Divorce is as "unbilical" as homosexual unions, but when those protesters would like to start marching for making divorce illegal, I will start accepting their "sanctity" argument.