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Opening Arguments

Welcome to the circus

If all he's got going for him is "name recognition," he'd better think again; 2004 is a loooong time ago in Short Attention Span America:


Former reality TV star Rupert Boneham said he thinks he has a real shot at becoming Indiana’s next governor after being nominated as a third-party choice Saturday.

The fan favorite from 2004’s “Survivor: All-Stars” was unopposed for the Libertarian Party’s nomination, which came during the party’s state convention in Indianapolis.

“My aim, honestly, is to win governor,” Boneham said in a phone interview afterward. “I really feel I have a strong chance of pulling not just the Libertarian vote, but the independent vote, the undecided vote, and maybe even some votes from Democrats and Republicans.”

Sigh. His aim is to win? Really? He's either being brazenly dishonest, or he is delusional. In neither case is he likely to get many people to seriously consider libertarian ideas. Politics is real-life "Survivor." To win, you make deals. Libertarians don't make deals. But if they're articulate and persistent, they can influence the mainstream parties. There is now a libertarian wing of the Republican Party, and it's not there because of clownish sideshows.