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Opening Arguments

See ya, Rick

Too bad:

Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he will suspend his presidential campaign but vowed “we are not done fighting.”

“While this presidential race is over for us, for me…we are not done fighting,” Santorum said. “ We are going to continue to fight for those voices…. There’s a lot of greatness, a lot of greatness in this country.”

Looks like it's Mitt Romney's now. Ron Paul's just in it to push libertarian ideals, Newt Gingrich just has a vanity campaign, and neither really should expect much of a convention role. Those of us who were hoping Indiana might make a difference, the way we mattered for the Democrats four years ago, will have to come back to reality. Having to go up against one conservative after another changed Romney's campaign rhetoric if not his core beliefs. Let's see what he sounds like now that he has it all but sewn up.