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I agree with just about everybody else in the free world that Mitt Romney won the first debate against President Obama, but I don't think it was quite the beatdown some think it was. Yes, Romney was good, but sometimes the other team helps you win, and Obama was just awful. Republicans in danger of becoming overconfident should remember that the next debate is a town hall format in which the questions will be asked by "undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization."

From worse to bad

Yes, there is a libertarian case to be made for Mitt Romney:

Obama sees it as his job to add every day to the Rube Goldberg device that Washington has grown into, while simultaneously throwing sand into its gears. If that seems like a contradictory notion, or even a sick notion — it is. But we’ve watched Obama do just that for four years now. How much more can it, can we, take?

A period of transition

Gag order

First, we had the news about the Obama team dictating the subjects to be covered by interviews with the "local media." Now he find out Mitt Romney wants to play the same game:

No vets in the running

I guess this isn't a huge deal, but it bothers me a little:

With the now official selection of Paul Ryan as the running mate to Mitt Romney . . . we have the final pairings of the four men running for the highest offices in the land. And for the first time since 1944, not one of them has ever served in the uniform of our country.

The final three?

Mean vs. Nasty

Hey, is the presidential campaign getting classy or what?

I’m rubber, you’re glue. Welcome to the 2012 presidential campaign, aka ‘Romney Hood‘ vs. ‘Obamaloney’.

No close calls here

You silly, uninformed average voters. You're probably buying into the propaganda that this is going to be a real squeaker of a presidential race, a too-close-to-call nail biter to the very end. Well, guess again:

In other words, Obama can lose the big Eastern four—Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida: all of ’em!—and still be reelected.

A bold suggestion

With all due respect to Mr. Romney, I'm not sure this is a good idea:

Mitt Romney is calling for "something dramatic" to help the economy recover, but he's not saying exactly what.

I'll be gloomy if I want to

Are you kidding me?

Don’t buy the doom and gloom pronouncements from conservatives telling you, “this is the most important election in history.” A loss for Mitt Romney would not necessarily spell long lasting disaster for Republicans, nor would it be the death-knell to conservatism. In fact, it’s possible a 2012 loss could lay the groundwork for a stronger Republican party and conservative movement.